Posted by: aminuddin | 20/12/2010

Focus on islamic issues as well

“Focus on common policy not Islamic state

Pakatan Rakyat (PR) should focus on economic and human rights issues instead of debating the Islamic state, a political analyst has said. PR should instead spend time working on its economic programme and how to abolish the Internal Security Act as the Islamic state was not mentioned in the Federal Constitution.

“Everybody should abide by the Constitution. This takes care of everything,” he told The Malaysian Insider.

PR had, in any case, pledged to uphold Article 3 of the Constitution which sets out Islam as the country’s official religion.

Aziz also urged PAS leaders, especially the older ones, to “start learning and give attention” to the Constitution.

“They must not condemn something they have not studied. These leaders must realise that they have to work within the existing framework; and this includes the Constitution,” he said.”

These are extraction from comment by Prof Aziz Bari. I concur with him on the need to discuss on economic and human rights issues. But he fall short on the matters concerning how PR will deal with islamic matters. I’m not talking about islamic state but other matters including judiciary,  education, governance, rights of each religion etc I think this what concerns most of muslim voters. As a commoners, we don’t understand the contitution in details. We need more explanation and affirmation from PR.

Ok agreed, islamic state is hyper sensitive issue and should not discuss at the moment but what about other islamic matters. Where it will stand? Being written in the Constitution alone is not enough as it will not make any difference with what we have now. As muslims, we want whoever take over the govt must place islam in a better and higher position rather than equating islam with other religion. It should be better than UMNO’s islam.

We want our country to prosper not only in terms of economy or social reform but in terms of  humanity. And that is what islam is all about.



  1. Ingatlah, kemakmuran Sosial (termasuklah HAM), ekonomi, pendidikan, keadilan dan polisi luar negara hanya akan dapat dirasakan bilamana Islam sepenuhnya dijadikan teras utama dalam pemerintahan. Kewajipan para pemerintah untuk menerapkan syariat Islam dan bukan hanya syiar sahaja. Bersatu memartabatkan Islam dan bukanya bersatu mendominasi politik semata.

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