Posted by: aminuddin | 06/10/2012

When the dumb become dumber

Reading this article I have little wonder why DAP is getting more ground among muslim community nowdays. Being a Malay and a Muslim and group into a so called “intelectuals” moderate thinker, this is what DAP is aiming at. Over the years DAP has problem to convince the Malay to accept their ideological struggle but it seems that those dogma has gradually dissapear. Christians evangelist has long concluded that to convince the native you must use their own mother tounge. Likewise to convinec the Malay, DAP uses our very own people to  create confusion among muslim on islam and its teachings.

How can this intelectual says that religious school is a time-bomb, diregard multi-culturalism, created narrow minded pupil and worst still not marketable at all as their employment are not known? While accepting various weaknesses probably exist in these schools but one cannot deny it has produces thousands of hafiz, religious teachers, good mannerd citizens and most importantly God Fearing servants. Instead of bashing and cendemning these school, we all should think how to improve and strengthen it.

Afterall how many times have heard religious school students involved in immoral activities? Why parents are queing up to register their children in this school? Is it not that they know the present teaching methodology in school has produce unbearable moral issues. We just name it, adultery, drugs, sntach thief, LGBT, robbers, bulies etc all are now common among young students.

The most heart breaking is that this type of intelectual are being used  by DAP to further demoanising our religious practices. What is worrying is that more and more Malay Muslim intelectual are being recruited in trying to neutralise the Malay community negative perception on DAP. And I believe it works well when even prominent Muslim can be conned to think that DAP is now closer to islam. In fact I strongly doubt any muslim will rise and rebutt this statement.

I’m not surprise if one day there will be  Malay Muslims who are willing to die for DAP.

May Allah forbid.

‘Religious schools are ticking time-bombs’

Malaysiakini –  Tue, Oct 2, 2012


Taking a long look at the religious school system in Malaysia, academic Ariffin Omar and his colleagues at the National Defence University have concluded that this is a “time-bomb” that is ticking away.

Ariffin, a professor and DAP-appointed senator, questioned if anyone has examined the syllabus in these schools, in which thousands of students are enrolled all over the country.

Religious schools have always been grounds of contestation between Umno and PAS, he said, claiming that these are currently dominated by Umno.

Ariffin, who has an interest in history, ethnicity and religion, said he has no problems with the teaching of the Quran or religious studies, or even Syariah law, but suggested that this be done in the proper context.

“There is a close-minded approach in these schools. Concepts such as halal and haram become a big thing,” he told an audience of 50 at the Penang Institute organised forum on the ‘National Education Blueprint’ in Penang.

“There is also a problem with how they teach interaction between Muslims and non-Muslims. You can find many distancing themselves from other races … polarisation is a dire problem in the schools.”

Campaign for the hudud

Ariffin, who based his remarks on a study by his university colleagues, also pointed out that the religious schools today have become caught up in the campaign to bring in hudud law and the Islamic state.

This is being carried out without addressing the issue of multiculturalism, he said, but the government is not prepared to do anything about it.

“The government closes one eye because if it addresses the problem, it might lose votes. What is worse is that out of 10 (students), eight come out jobless. Where do they go and what do they do? We don’t know.”

Other speakers at the forum were Deputy Chief Minister II P Ramasamy, Penang Institue fellows Toh Kin Woon and Wong Chin Huat, and Centre for Policy Initiatives director Lim Teck Ghee.

Lim, a former senior social specialist with the World Bank, described religious schools as a potential “negative game changer”.

He said there is a need to be transparent about the makeup and the development of such schools and put the matter under the microscope.

“We have to debate and discourse on what these schools are turning out to be and where are the students going to,and where they are being employed,” he said.

“This is indeed a ticking time bomb and may be the tail that wags the dog.”



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