Posted by: aminuddin | 12/10/2012

Extra tolerable

Reading this report from The Star, I don’t know what other words can better describe their attitude towards islam? Be it in the ruling party or the opposition, they remain steadfast in their principle in fighting and defending their own religious cause. Any sign of intrusion of their religious belief they will rise up and fiercely fight against.

I wonder is it wrong for muslim to practice their own religion?

Are muslim not the ruling state government in Kedah?

Are muslim not the majority population in that state?

Are mulsim not form the majority of the State Excos?

If they fight for freedom of speech and expression under the so called Human Rights, are we not then free to express our own religious belief? Gosh.. how hypocrite they are.

In contras….

How many muslim in Penang stand up and fight against the State Govt for donating to non-islamic religious activities which is clearly against the Constitution? None. Muslim never complain, probably iether because we are too naive or desperate for Putrajaya.

Some may accuse me of being racist or extremist. But don’t you think their complaint against our belief are more racist and extreme than me?

Just read this :-

“MCCBCHST: Press Release

28 September 2012
The Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism,  Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism is uncomfortable with the Lecture Circuit in Malaysia by Dr. Zakir Naik on the basis of his  controversial reputation of denigrating other religions at  public forums.
What has it got to do with them when Syeikh Dr Zakir just wanted to explain to our muslim brothers about islam?

Oh yes….Malay Muslim are extra tolerable lot !!! Too tolerable that even when our fundamental belief being challenged and questioned on our own motherland, we still remain silent and disunited. What kind of believers are we?

Oh my brothers and sisters, please stand up !!!


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