Posted by: aminuddin | 31/08/2014


Reading  one of the mainstream english newspaper today really left me bewildered. More than 10 pages were news about Merdeka and at least 2 articles were written about the same issue. In fact there was a special section dedicated solely about merdeka. Is it wrong to talk about Merdeka? Afterall, today is the Merdeka day. Nope not at all. Sowhat the fuss?

Let me tell you what.

First, the topic of the news revolved around Malaysia Belong To all Races. Rarely such topic being written and publish so prominently in any newspaper but this time round it appears that there is a message the chief editor trying to get across to all Malysian including the Malay. It is kind of a reminder or to certain extend a threat that you don’t play a fool with us. They went around to publish interviews with Malaysians of all races to sort of validate they statement. Unfortunately most of the interviewees are youngsters.Whether this is done deliberately or not is anybody guess. On the surface it may not raise any alarm but if we go deeper then a number of issues will surfaced :-

1. does that mean other races have equal rights with the Malays in all aspect?

2. is our history begin only from 1957 or hundred of years before that?

3. look at any history books you will find that this noble land were called Tanah Melayu hundred of years before 1957. Why this was not mention?

4. years before other races set foot on this land, the malays have scarificed so much to defend this country. Ever heard about Malays being massacred in Perak and Kedah by the invaders? Opps…this was not mention as well.

5. why interview the youth but not the historians, the legislators, the administrators? Is it because you want to make sure your message will not be distorted?

6. there are many quotes by Chinese and Indian leaders who acknowledged how tolerence and generous the Malays are to other races even before independence. This is also not mentioned…

7. you blame the Malays whom you label as extremist and racist (again and again the Malays got the blame) but if you follow closely all this reaction from the Malays are reactive in nature rather than offensive. We just trying to defend our rights again accusation made by groups like COMANGO, IFC to name a few. Unfortunately these group were never got blamed probably because they are working in your interest.

8. if you really thought and feel that this country belong to all races then my quetion to you is; do you accept our Constitution? If your answer is yes then my next question is; 

– do you accept Islam as the Religion of the Federation ie this country is an islamic country?

– do you accept special position of the Malays

Opps…you don’t agree with me right? But then these are all clearly stated in the Constitution, why can’t you accept it? why don’t you stop certain groups who keep on challenging our Constitution? If you believe in harmoniuos society you should have stop these groups from propagating their unlawful ideas. Look around, is there any restrictions for other races to practice their religion, to do business, to own properties and to do whatever things they like? Why don’t you highlight all these issues? 

If you don’t accept our Constitution as it is, then how to justify that this country belong to all races? This is very basic and fundamental without which then this country can be very chaotic !!! Don’t force other people to accept your propaganda when you yourself refuse to accept the very basic element of a citizen.



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