Posted by: aminuddin | 03/02/2017

Let me tell you this Navaratnam

In a recent article in Free Malaysia Today portal Mr Navaratnam commented on statement made by second Finance Minister Dato Johari that says the civil service is bloated. Thus Mr Navaratnam concluded that the government actively need to reduce the size of civil service. His argument is mainly because the cost of maintaining civil servant is too much nd our economic fundamental can’t sustain. While I concur to some of his facts but to look at mainly on economic and financial perspective is rather unfair judgement. In my opinion :-

  1. Apart from financial aspect one of the most important government’s responsibility is on social issue. By providing jobs to Malaysian, particularly Malay, it able to uplift the live of the majority and  ensure the economic gap between races are kept to “safe” level. In a sense that the malays, to certain extent, are able to cope the rising cost of living. I can’t imagine what will happen to our society if the malay are unemployed. We should learn from countries like USA, Egypt and the like when the income gap is so huge, the poor will resort to some unlawful act.
  2. Yes I agree we have a strong fundamental and we should not let it go to waste but lest we forget the waste is not on the salary paid to the civil servant but the CORUPT politician and SOME TOP LEVEL civil servant. Being former civil servant himself Mr Navaratnam should aware of this. It is these  uncivilised and unethical group of human being that stealing all our county’s wealth. I strongly belief unless and until we get rid of these people the country will continue to suffer, its not the civil srvant at large.
  3. My advice to the malay is that we should change our mindset. Stop depending on government’s job but rather start doing business. Yes it maybe hard to change but we must admit the fact that government has its limitation not only in terms of vacancies but also in terms of financial reward. We can’t let ourselves and future generation become “slaves” of other people. Please stand up. Yes you are capable and can succeed.

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