Posted by: aminuddin | 25/03/2017

The worst is yet to come…..

While media is a buzz with RUU355 little that people know another calamity is about to befall upon islam and muslim in this country. The effect is even worst that 355. But diligently the media, which are controlled by the liberals be it muslim or non-muslim, remain utterly silent. You can even hear the sound of the needle drops.

For those who do not know what I meant, it is about the   proposed amendment to the Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act (LRA) to ban unilateral child conversions. Famously known as Act 164. It will rip a child’s islamic faith. Our religion is slowly but surely get eroded.

Are muslim MPs in BN, PAS, PAN or PKR aware of this? I doubt so. Well even if they aware they couldn’t be bothered. Winning election is all it matters.Islamic NGOs will probaby know slightly better than the MPs but unfortunately we don’t have power to oppose.Its already passed its first reading now its about to go through second reading probably in a couple of days time. What can we do? Well, I would like to know the answer myself. I can’t write anymore at the moment bcoz I’m too depressed with the state we are in now.

May Allah help us.



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