Posted by: aminuddin | 21/12/2016

The Inspiring Grandfather


His name is Wong Deshun and he is unbelievably 80 years old grandfather. But yet his body looks as if he is in his 30s. Born in 1936 and only start learning riding horses at the age of 68 and able to master within 1 month. When he was 73 he started  learning riding motorbike. All along he was doing odd jobs including being support actor for several hollywood films.

One day one of the famous fashion designer spotted his body photo taken by one of his grandson. Immediately the designer was so impressed and invited him to do a cat walk in one of his fashion show. His appearance stuns everybody. The rest is history as they say. he is now a much sought after model. But mind you, he trains everyday for the last 30 years.

When ask about his age, his answer is “As long as you dare to do things you have never done before, your heart is still young.” When further ask whether it is too late to start? He quipped “That might just be your excuse for giving up”

I find this man really inspiring. The thought of me retiring and enjoy my twilight years is gone. There is no such thing as old and retire. That should not be in our vocabulary especially for my fellow preachers.

May this grandfather be our model in terms of hardwork and perseverance





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