Posted by: aminuddin | 19/03/2017

The end is near for MCA

Out of sudden MCA become the champion in opposing RUU355, surpassing DAP. Read The Star, if you wonder what I’m getting to. Why not, any statement made by PAS or UMNO in supporting the ammendmend you can see the immediate reaction from this so called BN’s component party (Zahid called it “old friend”).

The party is so desperate to prove to Najib that they still have the support from chinese community that they will do everything to gain their confidence. Little did they realise that their action is bringing more woes to the party rather than good.

If we look at the last election it is clear that MCA’s win was largely because of the Malay votes. In fact UMNO has compromised by giving at least 19 malay majority seats to MCA. Now, with their tough stand on RUU355 will not augurs well for the Malay voters. More so PM and DPM had in a number of occasion has stated their support for the ammendmend. Its rather amuse why MCA become so vocal and stubborn while its big brother already in favour of it.

Unless MCA change its stand on the RUU, I predict they are going neither here nor there. They will be rejected by both Malay and Chinese. We will see in the next election MCA becomes extinct.

The end is so near for MCA.

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