Posted by: aminuddin | 25/03/2017

A doomsday is looming

News have circulating that the government has succumb to the demand of the component parties not to table the RUU355 Bill. Despite of the statement made by TPM few days ago that the govt will table it, it seems until today UMNO still fail to convince its alllies. Sarawak mp’s still adamant that should govt table it, they will quit BN. Najib really at the crossroad. On one hand BN will pobably lose the election if he did not follow the component party’s demand and on the other hand he will dissapoint PAS should he let it go as private bill. Not only he breaks his promise to PAS but he wil  embarrass TPM and Jamil Khair who declared openly that the govt is supporting the bill.  Either way is a disaster for Najib. He has to choose the lesser of two disasters. Well I envisage Sarawak is dearer to Najib.

If this really happen, in my guts feeling,  PAS will go ahead tabling the bill and I 100% sure it will not get enough numbers to win. The bill will remain dormant and probably we have to wait another 33 years for another try. All the efforts put by PAS and various NGOs will go to waste and I can assure you BN’s position is really in shamble in the next election. PAS should not give face to UMNO anymore, instead it should stand firm on its other demand. What, I don’t know.

On the part of muslim NGOs I just want to say sorry. We have done everything we could to make sure this bill pass through but at the end of the day its the lawmakers who decide. All we can do is pray to Allah that He accept our sacrifices and be witness for what we have done to uphold HIS religion to its best.

As far as syariah law is concern in this country the doomsday is looming!!!!


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